Stump Services

Stump Services

Stump treatment is for stumps that cannot be accessed by a stump grinder. Sc Trees & Hedge Services. use ECO plugs to degrade the stump and stop regrowth while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach.

Once a tree or large shrub has been felled, stump grinding is a fast and effective way of removing the remaining stump below ground level. There are many reasons why people may have stumps removed:

  • To make space where trees once were ‘re-useable’ space
  • To replant or reinstate a lawn or driveway where a tree once was
  • To stop tree stumps sprouting and re-growing

Quotations are based on the amount of time a stump/stumps will take to grind out.  SC Tree & Hedge Services quote for the removal of individual stumps or multiples of stumps taking into consideration the tree species (different trees have differing wood density), how deep you would like it ground out to, its location and ease of access.

Stump grinding can be carried out to various depths depending on how the space is then going to be used.  Most stumps are removed to a depth of 20cm in order for the ground to be re-instated as grass or paving.

It is advisable for the client to advise us of any underground services near the stump prior to starting the job.

After stump grinding, the spoil which consists of soil and woodchip is backfilled into the hole made by the grinder. Any excess spoil can be removed on request.  The spoil is good for garden composting, mulch material of borders and vegetable plots.  The site is always left clean and tidy when the job is completed. Any remaining roots or stump that are left behind will gradually rot away underground without disrupting any of the surrounding area.

SC Tree & Hedge Services undertake all types of stump removal from individual small tree stumps within residential gardens to large stumps within paved areas requiring surveying for underground utilities and services.


Why you could consider us to stump your tree 

  • Qualified We are City & Guilds & NPTC qualified
  • Quick We work efficiently to be in and out quickly without cutting any corners
  • Great Outcome We deliver what you asked for, on time and leave the site looking smart.
  • Environmentally AwareWe are licensed waste carriers and always dispose of our waste in an environmentally safe way
  • Affordable The price we quote is the price you pay. We do not charge more if job takes longer than expected
  • Professional We deliver the highest standards to our customers
  • Friendly We love what we do and therefore will turn up with a smile!