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Chipping Service

Chipping Service Some customers want to carry out work in their garden themselves, but getting rid of the waste is the difficult part. (this is especially the case during these

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming Hedges require regular trimming to keep them dense and compact, and to maintain a good shape. SC Trees can help you achieve the best results for your hedges,

Stump Services

Stump Services Stump treatment is for stumps that cannot be accessed by a stump grinder. Sc Trees & Hedge Services. use ECO plugs to degrade the stump and stop regrowth

Tree Removal

Tree Removal Tree removal can range from small trees right through to real problematic trees in difficult places.  This can include trees that are interfering with buildings, growing into other

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Tree pruning can be straight forward and sometimes more tricky in terms of branches that are hanging over buildings or interfering with other trees. Sometimes they can be

Emergency Tree Work

Emergency Tree Work Emergencies occur at any time. Whilst at present we don’t provide 24/7 support, we are happy to attend and advise/make safe during normal working hours. Please call