Chipping Service


We recognise at this time people may want to carry out work in their gardens themselves, the hard bit at the moment is getting rid of the waste. Dumps are closed and the brown bin service has been suspended!

We understand this, and are happy to provide a chipping service.
(for waste that we can put through a chipper)

We can remove the waste from your back garden, if access is ok, or you can leave it in the front garden/on a drive.

All arrangements can be made prior to our visit, so no face to face contact is needed when we are at your premises. We will invoice on completion, so payment can be made by bank transfer.

If required, a family member who I live with may also attend and help me.

Contact us now for a free quotation, we will ask you to send us a photo of the waste and can often give you a price just from the photo.

Cheers Sean