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SC Tree & Hedge Services

Professional tree surgeon in the Suffolk area

If you are looking for a tree surgeon in Suffolk then you are in the right place! At SC Tree & Hedge

Services, we understand that each tree is different, we’re not just talking about species, we’re talking about size, vigour, previous work to the tree and more. Needless to say that each tree requires a bespoke plan that only a professional can provide.

We offer our full tree removal service or tree pruning service to keep your trees in check.  We are highly experienced in dismantling trees with many happy customers having used our tree services.  We are fully qualified so rest assured that your tree work will go without a hitch.

Why do I need your tree services?

Often, we find, people think that trees “do their own thing” and everything can be left to nature. This is true, to a degree, but the best looking forests are managed and when it comes to trees around buildings they definitely need to be looked after properly to avoid problems and to keep them looking their best. 
We will call and advise on any tree-related matter, from a single fruit tree or hedge to the largest garden or grounds. Techniques and timing when pruning trees or trimming hedges can be critical to success – our experience and thoughtfulness will help you avoid any disasters.